The time standard on Cardano

Own a piece of history

Secure a time slot in history and create your own event by minting an limited NFT. Digitalize your own identity and explore others on our interactive timeline.

Our Vision

Three simple steps to shape your digital identity

Mint your own event on available dates
Upload personal information like name, image or an NFT you own
Explore the interactive timeline and get discovered by others

What is Chronos?

Each Chronos NFT grants you the ownership of one day in history. Owning one, grants you access to create your own digital identity and showing it to the world on our interactive timeline.

We are offering a new way to achieve the dream of being immortal. We believe in that the mankind is so important that they will find a way to continue forever.

What was the motivation to...

  • build the Egyptian pyramids?
  • put the emperors faces to roman gold coins?
  • create Mount Rushmore National Memorial?

Because EVERYONE wants to remembered of and never to be forgotten!


Earn from renting NFTs

Timehandles can be rented to other businesses. The generated revenue will be distributed to the owner of that timeblock NFT.

  • With Dionysus incentive mechanism, NFT owners receive a portion of the project revenue
  • Business partners can create their own timeline by renting timeblocks
  • NFT holders will receive income from the rented timeblocks

Powered by Cardano

Secure your original Timeblock NFT

Each NFT - called timehandle - displays a unique coin which is procedurally generated from various carefully hand-crafted traits. The first OG mint will take place between the years 1980 and 2010.

Hidden inside the collection are some very rare 1:1 masterpieces from various artists.

The people behind Chronos

The Chronos Team

Founder, Engineer
Blockchain entrepreneur and early Cardano investor. Unique digital art collector. Over 10 years of experience in building software, websites and games.
Founder, Business
Investor, business lover and Cardano NFT enthusiast. Never resting mind, free thinker and inventor.
Tech enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in building software, database systems and strategic development.
Head of Marketing
Serial marketer with a passion for creativity, innovation, and storytelling.
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